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A letter from Hank Johnson

Hank Johnson is a noted PGA golf professional who has taught over 1000 golf sessions over his extensive career. He is one of Golf Magazine's top 100 teachers and is a golf research consultant and has recently been inducted into Alabama Sports Hall of Fame for Golf.

Hank Johnson has been successfully using the Power Wrist™ with his students for some time. An original copy of the endorsement letter can be downloaded and viewed in Adobe Acrobat.

You can presently find out more about Hank Johnson online at GOLFonline.

Download the original copy of the letter from Hank Johnson.



May 11, 1998

To whom it may concern:

I have had the good fortune to know about the Power Wrist™ golf training device for some time and have used it successfully with many of my students. It has been very effective in helping them understand conceptually the proper function of the lead side wrist and it makes their practice of this critical swing component more effective.

The Power Wrist™ golf training device is one of the most useful products I have run across in my thirty (30) years of teaching. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in improving the overall consistency of their game.

Hank Johnson's Signature
Hank Johnson
PGA Golf Professional
1997 Dixie PGA Teacher of the Year.

I found the Power Wrist™ a very worthwhile training device. For me, it promotes the right wrist position throughout the swing, most importantly not allowing the left wrist to collapse at impact. It also promotes the correct arm rotation in the impact area. I would recommend it to any golfer at any level as we are all trying to square the clubface up at impact. For me, the Power Wrist™ is so useful because you can hit shots with it on your wrist, therefore helping to learn the correct movement quicker.

Diane Barnard, LPGA tour player

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