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What is the Power Wrist™?

The Power Wrist™ is a new easy to use self-training golf aid that teaches golfers how to have the proper positioning of the wrist and arm during the entire swing.

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Every Power Wrist™ is made from a patented blend of rubber and nylon materials to maintain flexibility and durability. The snap action quick release locking device helps you snap-on and remove the Power Wrist™ in seconds.

The Power Wrist™ pivoting device and wrist "cupping" restraint assists in developing muscle memory for lasting improvement. PGA Pro Trainer Hank Johnson states "The fundamental goal of effective golf practice is to repeat the desired movements correctly over and over until they become automatic because they are 'habitized'." This is exactly what the Power Wrist™ will do for you when you use it regularly.


Illustration of a man golfing with the Power WristThe Power Wrist™ is easy to use and keeps the clubface square throughout the entire swing. This encourages the hand to pivot properly relative to the forearm. The swing with a Power Wrist™ is more powerful and accurate due to improved hand and wrist control.

When using the Power Wrist™ during practice and leisure rounds, you will begin to enjoy your game more by keeping the ball in play longer. Your improved accuracy and distance will help improve your overall scores. It is lightweight, easy and convenient to use and fits neatly in a golf bag. The Power Wrist™ is the most useful and effective product on the market in over 30 years, so order yours today.


The Power Wrist™ adapts naturally to the biomechanical movements of the wrists and forearms during the golf swing. Even with repetitive motions of constant practice sessions, the occurrence of wrist injury is dramatically reduced. It is designed to allow the hands, wrists, and forearm to stay in the correct position for effectiveness while eliminating the strain that often causes golfer injuries.


Photograph of the Power WristThe Power Wrist™ can be ordered via our online shopping cart or by contacting our sales staff at (800) 808-0891 or (586) 775-1046.

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